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Sep. 28th, 2037 11:15 am
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How's My Driving?

I do appreciate opinions and criticism from those who actually care enough to offer them.
Please feel free to offer up any thoughts you have on my portrayal.
Anonymous comments are on though I encourage anyone with an opinion to say it openly. I like to think of myself as easy going and relaxed.
Thank you for taking the time to comment, I will give each and every comment attention.
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Outfits: Clad in shades of green, gold, brown and orange the outfits themselves look to be crafted from the very trees District seven takes pride in. From Ruffnut's surprisingly elegant dress stamped with the District logo in embossed gold, to Vivi's more playful and fringed outfit imitating leaves and bark. Most striking however is are the leaf masks each tribute is wearing. A single broad and beautiful leaf giving them a mysterious, almost ominous expression. The air glistens around them faintly like dewdrops on the leaves at dawn, but in reality it is simply beautiful gems sewn into the fabrics of their outfits.

In one chariot Ruffnut and Vivi ride together, while in the other Wednesday, Miss Gritty and Alain ride in the other.

The tributes from this district are holding themselves with a nobel, almost enchanted air. The leaf masks allow for them to stand still and proud yet not betraying their thoughts or feelings. They have truly become one with nature and as anyone who's seen how powerful and deadly nature can be in the arenas, that is an impressive feat.
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Camp Kiesel was proud to play host to boy scouts, girl scouts and cub scouts from all across the state of Utah every summer. Even prouder of how many years they'd gone without a significant accident or injury. Sure there were always the little bumps and scrapes and cuts that came with being out in the wilderness teaching useful skills to kids. But nothing news worthy.

That could however change tonight.

Trembling with fear a pale young boy with thick rimmed glasses sat in the middle of a drifting canoe as it floated aimlessly across the placid lake. The bullies who had forced him into the canoe were laughing and jeering from the shore while the young victim was forced to confront the murky depths of the lake he had been too scared to swim in that afternoon.

Wrapping his arms around his knees he whimpered and clamped his eyes shut. His throat felt closed tight and he doubted that anyone in the cabins would hear him even if he screamed.

Not that he would allow himself to suffer such humiliation. Drowning would be better then that wouldn't it?

If only he were fearless. If only he could laugh at the things that hurt and scared him. Be a big brave viking! A might hero like...

"Where am I?"

The boy opened his eyes sharply hearing an all too familiar voice. Staring down at him in confusion was none other then Ruffnut Thorston, one half of the terrible twins from his favorite TV show and movie.

She squinted her eyes at him in confusion adding "And who are you?"


Ruffnut had never been the smartest of Vikings, and honestly she liked it better that way. Let the big brains like Hiccup or the experienced leaders like Stoick lead the tribe. She'd be content to tipping over Yaks and blowing things up.

Still she wasn't sure even Hiccup could puzzle his head around this strange situation.

"So you just...let them throw you in this leaky boat without any oars?" She exclaimed in confusion and exasperation.

"W-well...they're bigger then me. " The boy whimpered confused as to why he'd gotten the girl twin instead of the boy. He wasn't about to let her know that though. Instead he was looking up at her with desperate eyes pleading for her help.

"Yeah well you're stuck now." She smirked in a cruel sort of way that broke his heart. "I gotta get back to Berk. If I'm gone for too long my brother puts all my stuff outside and tries to claim my half of the room."

"Y-you're're not going to help me?!"

"What? You want me to throw you into the lake?" She grinned wickedly and stood up in the boat violating at least three rules of safe boat time fun at camp. No life jacket, no adult AND she was standing up in the boat making it rock and sway.

"S-stop it!!" The boy begged and cursed his unfortunately luck to have idolized a viking who apparently was almost as much of a bully as his bullies.

Meanwhile underneath the rocking boat, stirred by the child's fear...something loomed out of the depths of the lake. Something with long spindly limbs reaching for the surface.
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OOC Information
AGE: 25
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: Beastboy, Jinx, Harley Quinn

IC Information
CHARACTER NAME: Ruffnut Thorston
AGE: 15
CANON: How To Train Your Dragon
CANON POINT: From the end of "A view to Skrill part 2"
Dark Area: Ruffnut has shown that she has a wicked streak about her. She enjoys pranks, and rampant, often random acts of destruction. She is a masochist and takes pleasure in the pain of others as well as herself. She also has alot of pent up anger that usually is taken out on her brother. She's also been shown to be willing to sacrifice her friends (or brother) without much thought but sometimes that's just a joke...sometimes.

Dragon's roar: While Ruffnut is fairly comfortable in a passive role and letting other vikings take the lead, she is stubborn and hard headed at times. Willing to go along with stupid ideas just because she thinks it might be more fun. And she's never afraid to voice her opinion which usually manifests as snarking from the sidelines with her brother loud enough to be heard. As discussed she also has a temper on her and is prone to short bursts of violence. Though she may be comfortable standing back and letting people get hurt, more often then not she's lunging headfirst in to join them because why should they have all the fun?

Unknown: Under all the brash, cocky anger, Ruffnut does question her choices at times. She's aware she's not the smartest viking, but sometimes that makes her incredibly self aware about what she does. Without her twin around to argue with she tends to try and do whatever she thinks is right, but her views on right and wrong are a little skewed due to her love of destruction and chaos.

Wind Guardians: Despite having been a twin all her life, and having an unbreakable bond with Tuffnut, Ruffnut does have some desire to prove herself on her own. She and Tuffnut have always lived a very carefree lifestyle, doing what they want despite how that may irritate and anger the others in the village. She doesn't tend to think things through alot and many of her actions only serve the purpose of making her happy.

APPEARANCE: Lanky and tall, Ruffnut is all arms and legs like a spider. Her long skinny limbs have a surprising amount of strength behind them from living in the harsh territory of Berk. But where her body really shines is it's durability. Scars from a lifetime of being an masochistic adrenaline junky are visible pretty much anywhere you look on her if you get close enough. She has a ton of thick light blond hair that she does in thick braids and has been quoted to having backhair. Being a less then feminine girl she doesn't have the best hygiene but she has startlingly clean and strong teeth. She also tends to hunch over alot, when she stands up straight she's taller then her brother.


First and foremost, Ruffnut is not very smart. She and her brother are by far the least intelligent and least capable of the Viking Teenagers on Berk. Often it's simply because they don't pay attention or are more interested in doing things they think are fun. Or more often then not it's because they get in each others way, bickering and fighting.

As seen in Zippleback down, neither of them are that focused or responsible, such as when they chose to have a paint fight instead of helping tag the dragons they were assigned to in "Appetite for Destruction". But on occasion Ruffnut can be a bit more responsible. Such as when she saw the forest fire and realized it was a bad thing, despite her usual love of destruction, or when she and Tuffnut thought enough to follow Alvin and the Outcasts back to their island when they got their hands on the deadly Skrill. She is at least marginally smarter then he is, and uses that intelligence to snark from the sidelines.

But she does love destruction. When Berk was being ravaged by a lightning storm ("When Lightning Strikes")that kept destroying buildings and setting fires she and Tuffnut watched in awe and joy, happily declaring that Thor was their favorite god. She also often partakes in destructive pranks such as using her dragon with her brother to mess with the ships coming out of Berk, or going Yak tipping. Then they hide till Stoick finds them and they get in trouble. One of the only things they don't seem to share is a love of the gross and disgusting. Ruffnut still does love such things...just not as much as Tuffnut.

As far as being a girl is concerned, she is neater and more put together then her twin, and takes offense when he comments about her looks or body, even expressing a flash of concern in one episode when he comments on the size of her butt. This concern is quickly turned into anger and she punches him. Tuffnut has commented that he thinks she has a lot of rage and frustration because she feels trapped since she is "a woman in a man's world" While she has never said this herself it would make sense.

When Ruffnut is sad, she has been shown to seek out privacy in a dark soggy alone place. She doesn't like the fact that she has to share everything with Tuffnut and sometimes becomes irritated or depressed that she needs him to fly their two headed dragon. They have developed the ability to fly solo by using hand signals to control the extra head on the dragon, but it doesn't always work. The twins seem to enjoy dark places as they also spent long periods of time exploring the tunnels beneath Berk.

She has shown a love of pain, sharing headbutts with her brother, kicking each other, and getting excited at the prospect of scarring and burns. She loves crazy dangerous plans and has admitted as much when Hiccup's crazy plan in the movie caused her to have a crush on him. Her love of pain both receiving and inflicting pain is usually localized around Tuffnut but she does get a chuckle out of watching others screw up, especially Snotlout and Fishlegs.

Despite her love of chaos, destruction and pain Ruffnut is loyal to her friends, family and Berk. She's risked life and limb time and time again under the guise of doing it for the rush. But when the chips are down the twins come through. Wether it's catching a falling Snotlout out of the air when he leaps from n enemy dragon, or using their own dragon to swoop in with cover fire while the other more capable Vikings perform more complicated attacks.

When it comes to the other Viking teens on Berk, Ruffnut has fairly strong opinions about each of them. Starting at the bottom with fishlegs. Not only is he a know it all but he's a wimp. Despite the fact that he's always riding into danger with the rest of the dragons, it's hard for Ruffnut to not just write him off as a less cool Hiccup. Her opinion of him is in some ways justified, but in others unfair.

Next is Snotlout. The twins are often seen in his company and seem to enjoy it for the most part, but they are both aware that for all his physical prowess, they can outsmart him. The two of them even kept him strung along for hours bringing them the most random of items in hopes they would let him into an exclusive shelter/bunker/club they had set up in the dragon school.

Hiccup is next because despite years of picking on him, mocking him, and laughing at all his failures, Hiccup has come a long way and she recognizes that. While originally she flocked to him only when he was performing well in Gobber's dragon school, she developed a passing infatuation with him based on his willingness to undertake a nearly suicidally dangerous mission to save the clan. Now a days she listens to Hiccup until bored and respects his position as best dragon rider. She obeys his direction slightly more then half the time, and for the twins that's pretty good. He's still more fun when he's doing something crazy or dangerous.

Finally Astrid. It's rare that Ruffnut gets paired up with Astrid for training or tasks because ruff is usually with Tuff. But there is an affection and respect for Astrid that makes Ruff do what she says, but also allows Ruff to feel comfortable enough to tease Astrid every now and then. Like when she sees Astrid getting jealous of Hiccup's talent or when another girl was showing interest in Hiccup. In the movie Ruffnut was even roughly moved out of the way when she was sort of swooning over hiccup's newfound crazy.

She listens and respects the older vikings, Gobber and Stoick specifically but she still enjoys misbehaving and testing the limits of their patience. When she does get busted she accepts punishment with amusement and sometimes begrudgingly.

As for Barf and Belch, Ruffnut adores them and respects them even more then her brother. She tends to get along better with Barf, though both dragon heads find the twins constant fighting annoying.

As the entree on Ruffnut and Tuffnut isn't completely up to date with the latest episodes I'm including the Wiki page for them as well


What would you say is your greatest strength?

My strength huh? I am totally strong! I'm a Viking from Berk after all! We're the toughest, strongest, most awesome vikings around! We fly dragons! Do you realize how amazing that is? Have you ever flown? It's like every minute you're up there your legs feel like lead and you know all it would take is one strong wind to send you falling! Your stomach gets all squirmy like you ate a bunch of worms and you'd be sweating if the wind wasn't keeping you cold.

And even before we flew dragons we fought them and killed them. I mean...not me personally but I coulda! I was just on fire patrol with the other guys.

What ability would you most like to have?
Fire breath! No wait...Thor's lightning! No wait, I wanna be super strong! Yeah! I could smash through buildings, light stuff on fire when I burp and throw lightning around making stuff blow up whenever I felt like it! about I get to turn into a dragon?! Any dragon! Then I could do all that stuff and more! Oh it would be great! Yeah make me some kind of awesome dragon monster girl with all sorts of powers. You never said I had to pick just one!

What would make up your ideal friend?
I guess someone who gets me? Someone who likes to do the stuff I like, doesn't judge me just because they think they're smarter. Someone I could blow stuff up with or go yak tipping, someone I could count on to always be there! And hard headed so we could headbutt and do stupid stuff without them over thinking it. Basically someone like Tuffnut...except not. Because he's an idiot...and ugly. And a wuss. And he smells funny. Yeah, not like Tuffnut just...better. But not better then me! Astrid's already better then me that's why we don't hang out so much anymore I think.


This world...was so strange.

The clothes, the buildings and weird material stuff was made out of. Plastic? Seriously what was plastic made of anyway? Was there like...a plastic tree?

At least Hiccup was around, that helped. But even Hiccup sometimes got so smart that she couldn't stand it. Why did he have to use such big boring words?

And so she was exploring on her own today, braids bouncing about as she turned her head this way and that trying to take it all in.

The monsters were her favorite part. She thought they looked stupid at first until she saw just what they could do. The power, the potential for destruction was just so high it made her weak in the knees. She couldn't wait for an excuse to get her Digimon to do that!

Still she couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. Things were too quiet...she felt an irritating itch at her sides. Looking this way and that it dawned on her slowly what was missing.


A flash of blond out of the corner of her eye and she turned sharply half expecting to see him...only to be confronted by her reflection in a shop window. The reflection frowned at her in a moody way and she found herself glaring at it.

"What are you looking at me for?" She protested. "It's not my fault he didn't come here. He's the idiot who didn't show up!" The reflection of course had no rebuttal.

"Yeah I thought so." But there was a fresh fire in her chest now. "Well who cares? I don't need him! This is what we always wanted isn't it? A chance to prove we're just as good as any single viking by ourselves! Yeah! I'll show them I don't need Tuffnut! He was just dragging me down anyway!"

To seal the deal with her reflection she gave it a headbutt...and her helmet promptly shattered the glass.

"Oh...heh heh...whoops."


She turned and gave a startled jump at the voice. A glaring plant monster of some sort had hopped out of the shop and it's vines were whipping furiously. "You just busted my window!"

"Uh...yup. That's pretty busted." Ruffnut acknowledged looking back at the glass with some satisfaction. It was like shards of sharp dangerous snow.

"RRRGH I'll teach you to wreck my stuff!" He snarled before taking a deep breath and roaring out some horrible noxious gas. Ruffnut gagged and staggered left and right wheezing.

"Thor almighty! That smells worse then Tuffnut's bed!" She groaned and stumbled away as the Vegimon gave chase.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 02:46 pm
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We're lost.

We are not lost!

Let me look at the map.

We don't need a map! I know which way the mountains are!

Yeah! Mountains! There are many of them! And even if we climbed to the top how would we find your dragon?

Shut up! It'll work. And he's not my Dragon he's Hiccup's dragon. We just gotta keep him safe till Hiccup gets here.

IF Hiccup gets here. And anyway did you even tell Glider we were jumping ship for this little adventure?


You liar.

I don't make plans! I just do things!


May. 11th, 2010 07:41 am
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...I don't like the city.

You've barely been here a day.

Yeah but all day long people have been yellin' at me, and that thing attacked me...

That was a car, you were jaywalking.

And it screamed at me so I stabbed it!

You shoved a spear through the hood.

Then the driver got out and started throwing those fireballs at us.

You brought all this on yourself you midevil freak!

[Whack noise]


I miss Berk.


May. 8th, 2010 08:15 am
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A freaking flower?!

Oh get over it.

I hate flowers! All weak and soft and colorful! Stupid useless flowers!

There's gotta be some reason there's a flower on your D-comm girly. I bet you're hiding a love of pansy's.

You wanna die?

Bring it on! Everyone knows that girls can't fight worth dirt.


[sounds of a scuffle, some screaming]


Take it back! Take it back right now!



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